More and more entrepreneurs are realizing that the environmental aspect of conducting business cannot be ignored. The expectations of business partners and customers regarding environmental awareness are growing. Meeting ambitious environmental standards has become a necessity for effective operation in the international market. TIP-TOPOL consistently invests in modern technologies and materials to minimize its impact on the environment. By utilizing photovoltaics, the company secures the clean energy necessary for its operations. In 2015, it obtained an environmental management certificate compliant with the ISO 14001:2015 standard, which not only organized legal requirements but also initiated the building of environmental and climate awareness among employees. TIP-TOPOL does not limit itself to just meeting standards. The company engages in innovative projects that can serve as inspiration for other entrepreneurs. For example, less than two years ago, the company reduced its electricity consumption by sealing its compressed air installations, which led to a victory in the Young Energy Europe competition. A key element of the company’s actions are also specific environmental indicators, such as transferring waste to companies that deal with recovery and recycling. TIP-TOPOL tracks the fate of waste, looking for recipients who specialize in processing and recovering waste. Daily, seemingly small actions are also important. TIP-TOPOL uses fillers made from recycled paper instead of plastic fillers, reuses cardboard and fillers from deliveries, and adapts emergency procedures such as chemical spills, and eliminates plastic water bottles in favor of modern water dispensers. Climate education is a priority in the company, covering not only employees and their families. Activities related to ecology and climate, such as biking to work, building bird feeders, or environmental protection workshops, are organized. In the context of the upcoming obligation to submit non-financial reports, TIP-TOPOL is preparing to present actions related to ecology, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance (ESG). As a company with social engagement and concern for the future, it emphasizes environmental protection in all aspects of its operations.

Barbara Gralak – Podemska
Environmental Protection Specialist


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