Mateusz Blachnierek, Maria Wachowiak, and Kuba Gościniak have been awarded in the competition „Promotional Film – Ecology Goes Hand in Hand with Health”. The competition was conducted as part of the „Green-Blue Pobiedziska” project. Participants prepared films showing the need for behaviors aimed at reducing climate change and mitigating its effects in everyday life. The films, lasting no longer than 30 seconds, also promote a healthy lifestyle.

„The most challenging part of making the film was finding the idea and preparing the script. Editing the material, which I recorded around Pobiedziska, took me two days,” says Mateusz Blachnierek, the winner of the first prize. The Pobiedziska Municipality, together with Intbau Norway, implements the „Green-Blue Pobiedziska” project. It is co-financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021 under the „Environment, Energy and Climate Change” program, climate program area. The amount obtained for this purpose is PLN 3,551,375.90.

In the case of the Pobiedziska project, the involvement of residents in its creation is also important. As the Mayor of Pobiedziska said during the award ceremony, the young residents of the city brought to the attention of the local government the lack of a place where youth could meet.

„Nearly 400 people signed the petition. The next step was a walk with the authors of the petition to choose a location for the parks. The youth pointed out an interesting but difficult to adapt area. Efforts to create parks are ongoing,” adds Mayor Antkowiak.

„The idea comes from the residents, and the results go back to the residents,” concluded the meeting Dorota Gozdowska, Director of the Department of Environmental Protection and Agriculture.

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