Green Time Machines

The landscape of our area is made up of regions with diverse histories of use. Older residents remember the cultivated fields that today are covered by forests. Around Pobiedziska, there are also nature reserves that have existed as forests, meadows, and peat bogs for a long time. They have been continuously present for several centuries and are exceptionally valuable – it is there that we can encounter remnants of ancient forests, and sometimes they are a testament to the connection between humans and nature for centuries, as can be seen in the oldest meadows and grasslands in the Główny valley near Bociniec. In the vicinity of Pobiedziska, there are reserves of various sizes – the smallest ones are just a few ares. Discovering them and taking care of them is an important goal that unites generations.

Let Them Endure

Unique species and valuable ecosystems have survived in historical refuges. An example is the hazel dormouse – a small, russet rodent jumping among the crowns of the oldest preserved oak-hornbeam forests near Promno. In the moist old meadows of our area, we can find the common moonwort, or the mythical fern flower. Fertile forests, meanwhile, favor forest mushrooms, among which the Austrian peziza, the yellow shining clitocybe, and the peculiar earthstars stand out. All these incredible organisms share the habitat of places that have been nature refuges for years. Climate change, droughts, and the loss of rare habitats are progressing. The priority task is to preserve places of natural value at least within their current boundaries.

Maciej Jędrzejczak, biologist, botanist, „Kasztelania Ostrowska” Association

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