Students from grades V-VIII of five primary schools participated in extracurricular activities on a variety of topics. A significant portion of their interests focused on renewable energy sources (RES). The task for the groups was to prepare a model of RES; they had to invent, design, order the necessary parts, and build it. The work was difficult, even very difficult, but schools from Pobiedziska, Letnisko, Jerzykowo, Wronczyn, and Węglewo handled it brilliantly.

On June 19, 2023, the Jury reviewed the RES models in the schools where the workshops were held as part of the Green-Blue Pobiedziska project.

  • GRAND PRIX was awarded to teachers and students of grades V-VIII of the Primary School in Jerzykowo. The Jury appreciated the broad approach to the RES aspect and the huge educational value at many stages of this work. They were the only ones to show hydrogen production as an energy storage.

The JURY appreciated two more schools.

  • An award for the Primary School in Węglewo – they made a very aesthetic model reflecting their school space. Almost all elements were made independently.

  • An award for the Primary School in Pobiedziska – The “wow” effect was made by the presentation of all the RES models made by this school. The groups worked together and showed RES in many aspects of private and public life. Purchased installation components will be used for later ecological actions of the school, which distinguished this project.

The Jury was impressed by the high level of work presented by the schools. Especially appreciated were those presentations involving students, where photos and videos from the work on the various stages were shown. Everyone put a lot of heart and effort into preparing the models, which will undoubtedly remain in their memory and broaden the horizons of ecological thinking. In every case, the goal and objectives of the project were achieved.

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