The picnic, which took place on 11 June this year in the field at the Primary School in Pobiedziska under the slogan FOR CLIMATE AND FOR PEOPLE, was organised as part of the 'GREEN-BLUE POBIEDZISKA’ project. The aim of the project is to increase the resilience of the Pobiedziska municipality to climate change through the implementation of green-blue infrastructure investments and the improvement of environmental awareness and behaviour among residents to a more friendly one.
The partners of the event and schools from the Pobiedziska municipality participating in the project displayed interesting educational stands.
As part of the project, younger groups of pupils planned and set up school gardens in which they hold outdoor workshops. In the established gardens, they carry out gardening work (sowing, weeding, composting bio-waste, collecting rainwater, watering), and the older pupils make a model using renewable energy sources and a mock-up of the site showing elements of green-blue infrastructure.
Preschoolers and children and young people from primary schools took part in a number of environmental competitions.
„For making an invitation to an ecological picnic”, first place (prize: bicycle) went to Zofia Raszewska (class II of the Kazimierza Odnowiciela Primary School in Pobiedziska), second place (prize: scooter) – Jan Salamon (class I of the K. Renovator Primary School in Pobiedziska) , third place (prize: skateboard) – Gabriela Koteras (class I of the Kazimierza Odnowiciela Primary School in Pobiedziska).
– „Green city without a car”, first place (prize: bicycle) – Jan Brzeski (class III of the Kazimierza Odnowiciela Primary School in Pobiedziska), second place (prize: scooter) – Amelia Friedek (class I of the Kazimierza Odnowiciela Primary School in Pobiedziska), third place (prize: skateboard) – Jakub Bazylczuk (class I of the Bolesław Chrobry Primary School and Kindergarten Complex in Biskupice).
„We fight climate change locally, we act globally”, the first place (prize: bicycle) went to Tymoteusz Czyżak (class V of the Queen Jadwiga Primary School in Jerzykowo), the second place (prize: scooter) – Stanisław Pawlak (class VII of the Kazimierza Odnowiciela Primary School in Pobiedziska), the third place (prize: skateboard) – Amelia Zachmyc (class V of the Maksymilian Jackowski Primary School in Wronczyn.
– „Green-blue poster” 10 works were selected, which, in accordance with the rules of the competition, will be placed in the form of an educational path next to the pedestrian and bicycle route that will be created as part of the „GREEN-Blue POBIEDZISKA” project. In addition, the schools from which the winning entries come will receive a tree to plant. The winners in this competition were: Zofia Frysiak, Amelia Meller, Monika Włodarczyk, Eryk Michalak, Piotr Olejniczak, Kajetan Nowacki, Aleksander Grembocki, Kinga Cieśla, Barbara Mikołajczak (Primary School in Węglewo), Aniela Budnik as well as Weronika Kubińska, Emilia Radojewska and Laura Witczak (Primary School in Wronczyn), Karol Gliński, Maria Czyżak, (Primary School in Jerzykowo), Mikołaj Michałowski, Nina Pietruczuk and Zofia Przybysz, Klaudia Wieczorek and Weronika Cieśla (Primary School in Pobiedziska), Natalia Kiecka (Primary School in Łaziska Górne) and pupils from the Primary School in Budzisław Kościelny.
– In the SolarSpot Foundation’s „MY EKO dream house” competition, the winners were: Blanka Maćkowiak, Franciszek Ryszard Nowak and Wojciech Ożarek from the Queen Jadwiga Primary School in Jerzykowo, Szymon Stachowiak from the Kazimierza Odnowiciela Primary School in Pobiedziska, and Oliwia Walkowiak from the Primary School, Kindergarten Complex in Biskupice.
Preschoolers from the „Wesołe Skrzaty” (Happy Gnomes) kindergarten in Pobiedziska and the „Niezapominajka” (Forget-me-not) kindergarten in Pomarzanowice presented magnificent performances on stage on the theme of spring and nature, and there was also a municipal consultation point for the „CLEAN AIR” programme.
During the Picnic it was possible to exchange waste paper for a tree (trees were donated by: Nadleśnictwo Czerniejewo and Nadleśnictwo Babki) or natural plant support product „TERRAWIT”, produced by ZGO Sp. z o.o. in Jarocin – Wielkopolskie Centrum Recyklingu. The agent is obtained in the process of composting, exclusively selectively collected grass, branches, leaves, bark. It is a 100 % natural product. In addition, a collection of food for free-living cats was carried out.
The Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region was the honorary patron of the picnic, while the Rector of the Poznań University of Life Sciences assumed scientific patronage. Partners of the event included: the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poznań, the Poznań University of Life Sciences, the State Water Management in Poland, the Landscape Parks Complex of the Wielkopolskie Voivodship, the Czerniejewo Forest Inspectorate, the Babki Forest Inspectorate, the Łopuchówko Forest Inspectorate, the Inter-Communal Union „Shelter for Animals” in Skałów, Municipal Utilities Company w Pobiedziskach, Association „Kasztelania Ostrowska”, Police Water Commissariat in Poznań, Sport and Recreation Centre in Pobiedziska, Voluntary Fire Brigade from Latalice, ZGO Sp. z o.o. in Jarocin-Wielkopolskie Centrum Recyklingu, SolarSpot Foundation. The Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Poznań donated educational materials which were distributed during the event.
We would like to thank all the partners and participants of the „13th National Educational Ecological Picnic Pobiedziska 2022”, and congratulate the winners of the competitions.


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