The 2022/2023 school year was another year of work for students and teachers in school gardens. On June 14, 2023, the Jury reviewed and evaluated the school gardens established by six primary schools as part of the „Green-Blue Pobiedziska” project. Students from grades I-IV, for whom the Pobiedziska Municipality is the governing body, under the supervision of teachers conducting classes/workshops, experts, and gardening enthusiasts, cared for the gardens, participated in various gardening, ecological activities, and many started their work by redesigning their raised beds. They planted planned plants, cared for them during growth, and harvested the crops. They learned how to conduct ecological practices, e.g., rainwater management or using a compost bin.

After viewing all the gardens, the Jury made a decision and defined additional evaluation categories:

GRAND PRIX was awarded to the teachers and students of GRADES I-IV of Queen Jadwiga Primary School in Jerzykowo.
An award for the Most Significant PROGRESS compared to the previous year was given to the Primary School in Pobiedziska Letnisko named after the May 3 Constitution.
An award for the FIGHT against adversity went to Kazimierz the Renewer Primary School in Pobiedziska.
It should be noted that each school had its individual idea and interesting execution. The open form of the competition stimulated the creativity of students and teachers. There was a huge commitment and many realized side ideas, e.g., planting old varieties of fruit trees, organizing mini-conferences on the topic, landscaping the area around the school with additional flowers and green structures. Schools also applied for other ecological (including gardening) projects, e.g., starting international cooperation within the Erasmus+ project with Italy and Spain – summarized the activities by Irena Anioł, project expert.

All schools declared to continue working in the gardens even after the completion of the tasks, indicating the lasting effects of the „Green-Blue Pobiedziska” project.

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