Clean air that smells of the forest, air in which one can sense the scent of a lake or ripe grain – who doesn’t dream of it? We seek it out when we go on vacation and weekend getaways. What can we do to have more of such air? One way, as practiced in the Pobiedziska municipality, is to operate buses with hybrid electric-combustion engines. Three such vehicles travel daily through the municipality, on roads among fields, forests, and lakes, covering nearly 150,000 km a year. It’s a good thing they have an electric engine supported by a combustion engine. The latter kicks in when the vehicle starts or goes uphill, or when the electric battery needs to be recharged. The emission levels of the Solaris buses used in the Pobiedziska municipality are low. They meet the EURO VI emission standard, meaning the engine produces up to 1.5 grams of CO per kilometer and 0.4 grams of NOx per kilometer. Engineers have reduced the amount of toxic compounds produced by utilizing exhaust gas recirculation, selective catalytic reduction, and a particulate filter in the bus. Every resident can contribute to improving the air quality in the municipality. Simply by using the free municipal transport services, which:

  • reduces the amount of emissions in the air,
  • decreases road traffic,
  • reduces fuel expenses for personal cars

Choose to travel by train. Since the timetable changed in December, there have been more connections between Pobiedziska and Poznań. The journey to the center of Poznań and back takes less time than driving. Train passengers don’t need to look for parking spaces for their cars and pay for them. A monthly ticket for the train and tram in Poznań costs less than the fuel consumed by a car in a month. The manufacturer of the Elf type electric trains made sure they are quiet, reliable, and comfortable. They can accommodate bicycles, making it possible for several people to go on a trip, for example, to Promno Landscape Park or Zielonka Forest. If you disembark in Pobiedziska and head to Zielonka Forest, you can plan your trip to return to Poznań by bike. Those who disembark in Pobiedziska can continue their journey by water bike on Lake Biezdruchowo. Surely, they will not leave a carbon footprint behind.

Robert Domżał

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