The Pobiedziska municipality has been conducting a series of environmental protection activities for many years. It’s an important, popular, and current topic. The question is, how do we, the residents of the municipality, contribute our part to these efforts?

There are more and more energy-efficient houses being built, photovoltaic panels have become a part of our landscape, and we save water at home and in the garden. Youth and children eagerly participate in periodic ecological-themed competitions. The annual ecological picnics organized by the municipality always attract great interest. Recently, students from schools in the Pobiedziska municipality took part in the „Green-blue Pobiedziska” project. The main goal was to increase the municipality of Pobiedziska’s resilience to climate change and to improve ecological awareness by implementing educational actions that influence a change in residents’ behavior to be more friendly.

Project participants became promoters of creating flower and vegetable gardens in their own homes. Many of them discovered a passion for gardening. The energy and commitment to vegetable cultivation certainly brought respect for food production and greater reflection before wasting it.

For many students, constructing wind, solar, and hydroelectric power stations allowed them to better understand the essence of the concept of „renewable energy sources.” The project also implemented a „hidden curriculum,” teaching diligence, perseverance, and responsibility, which are necessary for plant cultivation. All schools declared to work in the gardens even after the project tasks were completed, indicating the lasting effects of the „Green-blue Pobiedziska” project.

Government programs, which allow residents to exchange old „smoky” stoves for modern furnaces, also play a significant role. Nowadays, numerous companies are emerging that make new technologies for environmental protection applicable in homes. Many residents of our area build their homes with the environment in mind and use modern solutions. These actions ensure that the residents of our municipality, located among areas of natural value, breathe increasingly cleaner air.

Arleta Duszyńska, Leszek Bolewski,
Primary School in Jerzykowo

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