The Pobiedziska Municipality has received funding from the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021 in the framework of the 'Environment, Energy and Climate Change’ programme for the project entitled 'Green – blue Pobiedziska’. Part of this undertaking is the realisation of the first part of the investment task entitled Green and blue Pobiedziska – mitigation of climate change and adaptation to its effects’, within which the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle route and an educational path is planned, with the use of solar lighting, the introduction of small retention elements and the creation of a system of urban greenery by making new plantings along with strengthening the scarp.
In December 2021, a greenery inventory was carried out – to the extent of cutting necessary for the project. In order to minimise the number of trees to be cut down, the course of the promenade was corrected.

Today, 7.04.2022 at Lake Small in Pobiedziska, preparatory works are starting on the area of the slope located between the K. Renovator Primary School in Pobiedziska and the lake. The works will be carried out by employees of Municipal Utilities Company in Pobiedziskach and will include the removal of trees and bushes, interfering with the planned course of the promenade and related infrastructure, for the performance of which the Pobiedziska Municipality has obtained the relevant permits.

The works in question will be carried out under the supervision of a naturalist and ornithologist, in accordance with the provisions of the Nature Conservation Act and the conditions imposed by the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Poznań. In return for the trees and shrubs removed after completion of the project, numerous compensatory plantings are planned.

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