The autumn of 2023 was a time for cleaning up in school gardens, planting bulbous plants, and students saw how the garden changes and how much depends on them. After such an experience, thanks to participation in the „Green-Blue Pobiedziska” project, students, when writing essays in later years about the succession of seasons in „The Peasants” by W. Reymont, will know what they are writing about 😄
In schools, it was also a time for field trips. Students worked until the end of the school year; every day was important for the growth of plants, each one a delight to the eye. How to leave such creations without student supervision? As a reward for their willingness, engagement, work, and such beautiful results, all project participants were awaited by prizes – field trips.

Zespół Szkół im. Konstytucji 3 Maja, Szkoła Podstawowa i LO, Pobiedziska Letnisko
Szkoła Podstawowa im. Królowej Jadwigi w Jerzykowie
Szkoła Podstawowa im. Prof. Józefa Kostrzewskiego w Węglewie

Garden in Glass. The Importance of Plants in Human Life. Visit by expert Ms. Małgosia, a hortitherapist.

„The Windmill” Project
The importance of trees for humans, animals, nature – collective information search. Creating a list of trees around the school, calculating the age of trees, and creating labels.

Field Trip to the Kołaczkowo Wind Power Plant.
Familiarization with the specifics of operation and construction of a wind power plant.

Field Trip to the Skorzęcin Nature Reserve.
Journey through the educational trail: oak groves, beech clumps, Douglas firs. Getting to know the trees listed in the National Register of Notable Trees.

Szkoła Podstawowa w Zespole Szkoła Podstawowa i Przedszkole im. Bolesława Chrobrego w Biskupicach
Przewiń na górę
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