School Gardens in Contemporary Education. A Sign of Educational Backwardness, or Perhaps Progress?

„Such silence in the garden, it cannot be resisted,
No rustle, which eagerly hides in it and vanishes.
A reddish squirrel jumps across the pine,
A yellow butterfly wavers on the golden dill…”

„Such silence in the garden”
                                        Bolesław Leśmian

Władysław Podkowiński, „Children in the Garden”

Spring is rich in numerous events organized as part of the project. The next edition of school gardens has already started. In the spring of 2023, the schools will once again bloom with planted flowers, and vegetables and fruits will grow. The radishes last year were so beautiful, healthy, and impressive that many parents envied the students such abundant harvests. The most beautiful plants from our grandmothers’ gardens have found their way into the school gardens. Children’s reactions to the plant-planting activities are always enthusiastic. After planting on their own, children check if the plant has grown yet, feel the need to take care of it, and pride in completing the task independently. Thanks to this, children will have the opportunity for direct observation of natural processes and to influence them through gardening. They will be able to sow, plant, care for, harvest, and taste the fruits from their school garden. Thanks to the involvement of many teachers, the „Green-Blue Pobiedziska” project shines with many colors, delighting the eyes and hearts of students, teachers, and parents.

Przewiń na górę
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