The honorary patron of the Picnic was the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, while the Rector of the Poznań University of Life Sciences took on the scientific patronage of the Picnic. The event partners included: State Water Holding Polish Waters, the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poznań, Czerniejewo Forest District, Babki Forest District, Regional Directorate of State Forests in Poznań, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Association for the Promotion of Heritage „Kasztelania Ostrowska”, Municipal Company in Pobiedziska Sp. z o.o., Sports and Recreation Center in Pobiedziska, Pobiedziska Cultural Center, Inter-municipal Union „Animal Shelter in Skałowo”, Volunteer Fire Brigade in Węglewo, Safer Group Krzysztof Hanuszak, Water Police Station in Poznań, Police Station in Pobiedziska, Primary School in Pobiedziska, FB Service, Landscape Parks Complex of the Wielkopolska Region, Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Poznań, ZGO Sp. z o.o. Wielkopolska Recycling Center.

The Picnic, held on the grounds of the Primary School in Pobiedziska under the slogan FOR THE CLIMATE AND FOR THE PEOPLE, was organized as part of the „GREEN-BLUE POBIEDZISKA” project. The project’s goal is to increase the resilience of the Pobiedziska municipality to climate change through the implementation of green-blue infrastructure investments and improving ecological awareness and behaviors among residents to be more environmentally friendly.

Event partners, Pastelowy Świat kindergarten, as well as schools from the Pobiedziska municipality participating in the „GREEN-BLUE POBIEDZISKA” project, set up interesting educational stands.

Within the project, younger student groups planned and arranged school gardens, where they conduct outdoor workshop activities. In the established gardens, they perform gardening work (sowing, weeding, composting bio-waste, collecting rainwater, watering).

Older students within the project create a model using renewable energy sources and a model of a place using elements of green-blue infrastructure.

During the Picnic, „Friend of Nature of the Pobiedziska Municipality” statuettes were awarded to: Grażyna Schulz, Magdalena Skrzypczak, Marian Szczepaniak, Michał Białek, Paweł Śliwa, Ewa Katarzyna Pietralik, Joanna Nowisz, Natalia Jędrzejczak, Maciej Jędrzejczak, Jolanta Łakomska-Wilczyńska.

Children from kindergartens as well as children and youth from primary schools participated in numerous ecological contests. During the Picnic, the results of the contests: „I Save Water”, „Rainwater More Than Sewage”, „Promotional Video – I Start with Myself – What Can I Do for the Climate”, „The Most Interesting Form of Rainwater Management” were announced.

In the „I Save Water” contest, first place (prize: bicycle) was won by Urszula Janczura (grade I, Primary School in Jerzykowo), second place (prize: scooter) – Kacper Cieśliński (grade III, Primary School in Pobiedziska), third place (prize: skateboard) – Jan Grotowski (grade I, Primary School in Węglewo).

In the „Rainwater More Than Sewage” contest, first place (prize: bicycle) was won by Amelia Zachmyc (grade VI, Primary School in Wronczyn), second place (prize: scooter) – Maksymilian Wiśniewski (grade IV, Primary School in Biskupice), third place (prize: skateboard) – Paweł Lisiecki (grade VI, Primary School in Wronczyn).

In the „Promotional Video – I Start with Myself – What Can I Do for the Climate” contest, first place (prize: bicycle) was taken by Dominik Blachnierek (grade VIII, Primary School in Pobiedziska), second place (prize: scooter) – Karol Raszewski (Primary School in Wronczyn), third place (prize: skateboard) – Adam Kowalewski (grade VII, Primary School in Jerzykowo).

In the „The Most Interesting Form of Rainwater Management” contest aimed at adult residents of the Pobiedziska municipality, first place was taken by Mateusz Piguła, second place – Katarzyna Woropaj, third place – Michał Laboch. The prizes in this contest were gardening tools.

Preschoolers from the „Wesołe Skrzaty” Kindergarten in Pobiedziska and the „Niezapominajka” Kindergarten from Pomarzanowice presented spring-nature-themed performances on stage.

During the event, a municipal consultation point for the „CLEAN AIR” Program was also active. Participants could exchange waste paper for a tree (trees provided by: Czerniejewo Forest District and Babki Forest District) or a natural plant growth support „TERRAWIT,” produced by ZGO Sp. z o.o. in Jarocin – Wielkopolska Recycling Center. This product is obtained through the composting process, exclusively of selectively collected grass, branches, leaves, bark. It is a 100% natural product.

We warmly thank all Partners and Participants of the „XIV National Educational Ecological Picnic Pobiedziska 2023,” and congratulations to the contest winners.


Photo by Tomasz Chmielewski


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