The implementation of task no. 3 entitled: „Construction of the City Park in Pobiedziska” for the amount of PLN 2,807,598.55 gross, with a completion deadline of 129 days from the date of signing the contract, i.e., December 29, 2023, is ongoing.

Cleanup works and part of the earthworks have been completed, a technological channel has been built, the fence has been dismantled, bollards have been embedded, and constructions for paths have been made. The area has been prepared for greenery landscaping.

The value of the work completed so far amounts to PLN 1,475,447.59.

A very important element of the „Green-Blue Pobiedziska” project will be the comprehensive inclusion of educational and informational activities, which will raise the level of ecological awareness of society in relation to issues related to climate change. Tailoring activities to the needs and capabilities of different groups, including people of various ages, will allow for an increased degree of social integration in the area of environmental and climate protection.

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